Online Shakti Dance Classes In Your Own Home

Connect with the rhythms of nature & energies with our introductory video package

Discover the Power Within You through Shakti Dance Classes! Enjoy a one off Introductory offer of 10 Classes.

Join Maite  for a mesmerizing dance experience that goes beyond the physical steps. Shakti Dance is not just a dance class; it's a celebration of your feminine energy, a connection to your body, mind, and spirit. These classes blend the beauty of dance with the wisdom of ancient yogic practices, leaving you feeling refreshed, empowered, and deeply aligned.

Introductory offer

Get lifetime access  to 10 Shakti Yoga classes each one over an one hour long, taught by Maite with this introductory offer. 

A new series of seasonal classes will be published soon when this offer will no longer be available.
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